7 Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Skin & Beauty

Water, as we know, is one of the greatest resources on the planet. For thirst, or to heal the person from within, drinking water does the job. Drinking sufficient water is a long term treatment plan to live a healthier life. It is the Elixir of life.

Be it hot or cold, a glass of water can act as a fix in many situations. It refreshes and vitalizes our entire system.

Just as it has a crucial role in digestion and circulation, it is essential to our skin and beauty as well. Before we dig into the details of some of the benefits of drinking water for our skin, let us keep in mind that our skin is the largest organ in the body largely made up of water, and skincare and beauty is an essential part of being presentable to others. Without water, our skin becomes more prone to ageing and ends up being flaky and dry. So maybe take a sip or two of water every hour, even if you do not feel thirsty.

Let’s further convince ourselves of the aforesaid, by looking at the benefits of drinking water for skin and beauty:

#1: Glowing Skin And Improved Complexion

Consuming adequate amounts of water throughout the day will flush out toxins from your body, clean your arteries, and make your skin glow, look fresh, and feel soft. Drinking water ensures that essential nutrients are getting circulated to the skin cells. It maintains a healthy pH balance and keeps the skin blemish-free and glowing. Water also helps speed up the process of healing in the case of sunburns.

One of the two core components of blood is the alkaline fluid plasma which comprises of about 90 per cent water. When there is optimal blood circulation through sufficient water consumption, the results can be seen through improved skin tone and complexion. Indeed, with this life-saving drink, artificial methods arent needed to make your cheeks glow pink or lips look rosy.

#2: Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Skin: Anti-ageing

Slowing of ageing is a part of the package that comes with drinking enough water. Drinking water is the key the preserving your youthful look. The skin remains moist as water maintains optimal body temperature. The skin is kept hydrated, and tissues are replenished, which increases its elasticity. It gives plumper and tighter look to the skin, and thus minimizes the visibility of wrinkles. There is also a reduction in sagging.

#3: Drinking Water Keeps Acne And Pimples Kept At Bay

Acne in adults is common. By the removal of toxins and waste material from the body, this skin issue is dealt with. Pimples, acne, and breakouts shrink and eventually disappear. Even the pores present on the skin greatly reduce in size. The skin begins to look clearer.

#4: Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Skin: Reduced itchiness

When the skin is dry and dehydrated, it can show flakiness and cracks. On top of this, itchiness can add to the irritation. When you stay hydrated, your skin stops drying out and keeps the itching away.

#5: Benefits Of Drinking Water For Hair maintenance

To function properly, the body needs water content. Although the precise amount may vary from person to person, having at least eight glasses per day is advised. If this is not met, the body draws water from different organ systems of the body, and this, along with weakening them, leads to hair problems like thinning, breakage, and hair loss. Water supply to the roots of the hair makes it look rich and helps maintain keratin levels. Water prevents dirt from banking on the scalp, making it strong, clean, and shiny.

#6: Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Beauty: Thirsty nails

Water not only gives us life, but its consumption also gives other benefits as well, like healthy nails. The nails get thoroughly nourished and produce a shiny layer of alpha keratin which magnifies their appeal. Water also supplements the growth of nails, especially their thickness. The painful peeling of cuticles is avoided with water consumption.

#7: Benefits Of Drinking Water For Your Weight loss

Drinking water boosts metabolism which results in reduced appetite, making weight loss and effortless process. According to a study, water consumption up to a certain limit has proved to burn calories, reduce BMI and body fat. As water by nature is calorie-free, it is associated with reduced calorie intake. If it is consumed before meals it tends to suppress your appetite and hence making this a habit can prevent long term weight gain.

In Conclusion

We desire to look and feel our best, especially in modern times. Healthy looking skin, along with overall external beauty, can be ours, just by doing the no-brainer activity of drinking sufficient water.

Given that water is as good as medicine, taking care in following guidelines regarding the timing of water consumption is also vital. Water is a naturally a no-calorie drink, and making it a habit of drinking water as an alternative to consuming soda or other beverages can make the process of weight loss trouble-free.

The aforementioned benefits won’t happen overnight, instead, you will have to make a commitment to habituating drinking water regularly and notice the changes over a period of time. Keep water close at hand and let nature’s remedy be your lifesaver.

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