SKF Elixer has pioneered the process of automation of the parboiling and drying systems. This automation is exclusively designed and adapted for the paddy parboiling and drying process.


This automation process completes gelatinization of the grains by which the nature of paddy changes. The process is initiated after the soaking and pre-treatment process. This process is automated to provide carefully monitored, uniform steaming to achieve the precise quality output. SKF Elixer automates this process by incorporating PLC, slide gates, steam valves, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors.

The complete system is programmed and works on the basis of time and temperature. The automatic filling and discharge of paddy in final steaming tanks and steam valves are controlled as per parameters set in the program. By adhering to these parameters, the quality of paddy is maintained giving best uniform results.


The next important and crucial process in the paddy processing unit is the paddy drying. The moisture in the grain is removed in using multiple automated. This slow and controlled process determines the yield of the final output. SKF Elixer provides Timer based automation of this process to ensure maximum yield and optimum quality of paddy grains.

This system includes Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control valves which controls the steam flow and the drier temperature over a period of time. A Recipe Management is also set in the system by which duration and temperature can be controlled. The recipe management can be done based on the variety of paddy being processed.

Speed sensors are also added to the Drier Rotor which provide the status of rotor and helps in the operations. Pneumatic gates are incorporated to discharge the paddy. The operations are streamlined and manual errors are eliminated.


Conveying systems like elevators and Conveyors play an important role in the parboiling and drying plant. SKF Elixer has incorporated the speed sensors in all the conveying systems. This eliminates continuous monitoring and loss of production capacity.

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