Why We Drink More Water In Summer — Key Benefits

Water, as we know, plays an essential part in our life. To keep our body functioning at its best, we need to stay hydrated. Nearly two-thirds of our body is composed of water, and we need a constant supply of it to keep our system replenished. During the summer we need to increase our intake as a lot of water and electrolytes gets depleted with sweating

Each cell in our body needs water to carry out various activities. When a person doesn’t have enough water content, he may experience fatigue. Due to the low energy levels, it may be difficult to produce the energy needed to keep moving. This can further lead to other health complications.

Excessive weight gain and poor digestion are problems that are a result of insufficient water intake. During summer we drink more water to keep up the water content in our body because water is lost through sweat when the body tries to cool down. Knowing that our body carries 70 per cent water, not drinking sufficient water, up to at least 8 glasses, will lead to health problems including heat-related illnesses.

Let us now look at the benefits of drinking more water in the summer.

Drinking More Water In Summer Hydrates the System

With warmer temperatures, our bodies lose additional water. By not replacing the water you lose, the body becomes dehydrated. The signs of dehydration include dry mouth, tiredness, thirst, headaches, darker urine than usual, dry skin etc. Children and older adults are at a greater risk for dehydration due to the way their body responds to hot temperatures.

Tiredness towards the end of the day is understandable, but when lethargy happens first thing in the morning, if not for a pre-existing medical condition, in most probability is because you are dehydrated! So the saying “prevention is better than cure” is of utmost importance here. One of the best ways to know you are consuming enough water is by ensuring your urine is colourless or light yellow on a consistent basis. Water serves as a wonder drug in combating dehydration. 7-9 glasses per day are recommended and will be enough to replace all the essential electrolytes lost due to excessive sweating. It’s always good to know some handy dehydration prevention tips and home remedies.

Drinking More Water in Summer Gives You High Energy Levels

A lack of water can be detrimental to muscle tissue and muscle performance. When the body gets exhausted, water acts like an energy drink. It boosts energy in the body and helps overcome fatigue, sluggishness and lethargy. Adequate amounts of water and other fluids lubricate the joints and aids the transport of water to the working muscle.  It also cures cramps and sprains.

In addition to this, water eases the removal of metabolic waste and regulates body temperature. To be upbeat, having good cardiovascular health is crucial too. Dehydration brings down blood volume which compels the heart to work harder to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body. This can make daily tasks such as climbing stairs quite difficult.

So if you want enough energy to get off the sofa and go for a jog or workout session on a sunny evening, along with gaining inspiration from the world of fitness and sports, you will have to drink up!

Drinking More Water in Summer Gives you Healthy and Supple Skin 

When exposed to the sun and hot temperatures, we may experience skin damage, burns, and dryness. When dehydration takes place, the skin loses its elasticity. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes sunburns and irritation of the skin. The loss of fluid from the skin due to sunburns causes dehydration. Heat strokes are also a common phenomenon when you are exposed to high temperatures.

Therefore, as water is the best natural remedy for your skin and internal system to rehydrate and heal, it is advised to drink more water in the summer months. The skin is the largest organ, and hydrating it will keep the skin soft and elastic. Adequate hydration also keeps the lips, throat, and mouth moist, especially while you sleep. An added benefit of drinking water is that the skin will be kept moisturized making it radiant and glowy. There are many other benefits of drinking water for your skin and beauty.

Drinking More Water in Summer Gives You More Mental Clarity

When exposed to heat, the mind can become foggy. Even a two per cent dip in bodily fluids can decrease concentration and lead to memory problems. Hydrating yourself well will give clarity of thoughts and mental focus due to a better supply of oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

Drinking More Water in Summer Helps to Improve Digestion 

Fluids are needed for nutrients to ease their way through the intestinal tract. A dearth of it leads to constipation, which can further cause additional digestive problems in the long term. Water helps in the removal of bodily waste through urination and defecation. Practice drinking water 30 minutes before or after a meal of healthier digestion.

Drinking More Water in Summer Helps with Weight Loss 

Drinking enough water at regular intervals also keeps you full for longer, thereby cutting down hunger and the need for extra fats. This is great for your weight loss plan.


It is inevitable that you will be spending time outdoors during the summer. Those days can be difficult if you don’t drink sufficient water. Dehydration, as we have learnt above, can cause some serious health troubles.

Each person’s water requirements may vary, but the general rule is to keep sipping water at regular intervals, and not wait till you’re thirsty to do it. Drink water in comfortable amounts, and also imbibe extra fluids if you are spending time doing any outdoor activity. So, be on the top of your game by staying hydrated during the torrid summer weather.

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