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Over the past 30 years, we at SKF Elixer India Pvt. Ltd., have been enriching the lives of people by providing innovative solutions that ensure nutritious grains, purest water, and a safer environment to lead a healthy life. Established in 1987 by Mr. G. Ramakrishna Achar, we are now the global leaders in designing and manufacturing the best-in-class paddy processing plants, water purifiers, and wastewater treatment plants.​

It all began with manufacturing Rice Cookers in Bannadka (a remote village near Moodabidri, Mangalore), under a rented shed and a meagre capital of Rs. 25,000. Thanks to Mr. Achar’s vision and entrepreneurship, the Company now headquartered in Jain Kashi, Moodabidri has grown exponentially and has a full-fledged state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The infrastructure includes high-end CNC Laser Cutting Machines, sophisticated Bending and MIG Welding Machines, Lathes, and a dedicated engineering/technical team serving customers across the globe. In currency terms, this translates to an annual turnover of Rs. 2000 million and infrastructure worth Rs. 500 million. ​

S.K.F. is the first company in India to introduce stainless steel Paddy Processing plants. These sophisticated plants are fully equipped to process any kind of paddy in the world and generate the most exquisite and finest of rice grains. We are proud to have the distinction of designing and manufacturing for the first time in India, a 1000 ton/day capacity Paddy Boiler-cum-Drier plant. And along the journey, we have successfully completed in excess of 5000 installations all over India and Abroad. We are now universally acknowledged by both millers and experts as the Global Leader in Paddy Processing Technology.​

We are proud to have the distinction of designing and manufacturing for the first time in India, a 1000 ton/day capacity Paddy Boiler-cum-Drier plant. And along the journey, we have successfully completed in excess of 4000 installations all over India and Abroad. Riding on the immense success of grain processing plants, Dr. Achar decided to foray into the water purification sector. Backed by extensive research, Elixer brand of mineral water solutions was launched.

We soon became the only Company in India to provide affordable water purification solutions that covered the entire spectrum of consumer profiles be it Commercial or Residential. We are committed to our motto “One Rupee for One Liter” of pure drinking water. With high level of research capabilities in the water purification area, it was natural for us to venture into the STP-ETP solutioning space. Other compelling factors included the enormous wastage of water in mills, increased sewage/effluents from rapid urbanization and a strong urge to protect our environment.

SKF’s STP-ETP solutions are now being embraced across the country and we see a huge potential for further growth. It gives us immense pleasure and a sense of gratification to be at the forefront of MAKE IN INDIA initiative. We stay committed to serving our customers and endeavour to expand our footprint both in domestic and international markets.


Founder Chairman and Managing Director
SKF Elixer India Pvt. Ltd.,

Chairman’s Vision

“Our Company’s success is a testimony to the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of our team. From humble beginnings, we have now established ourselves as Leaders in designing and manufacturing world class grain processing plants, water purifiers and wastewater treatment plants. We stand by our commitment to provide innovative solutions that ensure nutrition in every grain we eat, purity in the water we drink and safety in the environment we live in. We look forward to expanding our footprint across India and the world. ”


Managing Director

Sharing Mr. Achar’s legacy is none other than his son Mr. Prajwal who is the Joint MD as well as the Director of Research & Development wing of SKF Elixer. Backed by an outstanding academic career “A Gold Medallist in M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)”, he is at the forefront of managing the most advanced research and development activities of the Company. Young and charismatic, he is determined to propel the Company to newer heights.​


Joint Managing Director

SKF Elixer’s growth strategy and Financial health is in the safe hands of Mr. Achar’s son, Tejas Achar. He is engaged in developing and implementing Commercial strategies (including new opportunities, pricing policies, market penetration, etc.,) which are in-line with the company’s goals and objectives. He is one of the key players in managing Customer relationships.​


Mr. Achar has been actively involved in social and philanthropic work despite his hectic schedule. He firmly believes in the ideology of giving back to society.

He has been the trustee of the local Vishwakarma temple for five years. He played an active role in setting up the Bala Sanskara Kendra under the aegis of the temple trust. This centre is dedicated to organizing events, classes, seminars, lectures and workshops in order to inculcate moral values in children of the community and mould them into model citizens.

He has been known for his generous contributions to schools, colleges and institutions in and around Moodbidri. It is humbling to observe the extent of all the rural water supply schemes, medical camps, reforestation and afforestation schemes that Mr. Achar has had to his credit.

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